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Some sites provide JavaScript code generated from an RSS feed for your website's content. This allows you the advantage in the competition, your comment will be displayed in the search results faster than they are. 3. RSS feed results more frequently spider RSS feed large publishers are updated at a specific time interval. Add new articles when published to feed oldest articles will be discarded. There is one thing I never expected to add an RSS feed to my site Googlebot visit my site almost daily occurrence. Googlebot, my page, RSS subscribers into not as good as a daily-updated page and a page in its judgment, is worth a visit daily. RSS How can I improve my search engine rankings? How beneficial to you as a marketer? There are three compelling reasons why content from RSS feeds is irresistible bait for search engine spiders. Help Google will add these keywords to your pages to mark one of your site content. For example, let's say, a leading Internet marketing new products, you review and write a small article, and your competitors do the same. RSS feed on your page, and these changes will take effect immediately. So, you must be an hour or a day of fresh content for your visitors every. Feed is highly targeted, it could contain several keywords you want to rank highly. 2. . RSS feed provides new and updated content These is no value to search engine ranking, Googlebot can not read JavaScript and the contents are not to be construed as part of your page. Imagine an entire month's advantage could do your Affiliate Sales! It's like the own the content writer - writing theme-based articles for you - free! There are several publishers of RSS feeds, specific to a particular theme. However, because your site has RSS feeds, it is now being indexed more frequently. So, your page index quick opportunity to be much higher. Google generally tend to start in January index page, if you miss this update, you might need to wait until next month, and even can see your project. What does this mean to you, you will have your site being indexed more frequently Googlebot, so any newly added to the page of your site, you will be faster than your competitors to be picked up. 1. RSS feeds provide immediate topics Why should I use the JavaScript source there is no effective