Give it a try, they have a free trial.

I’m not a very active tool user when it comes to SEO, this is not because I haven’t tried them but because I’m very picky when it comes to SEO tools and use only the best. However there are a few great tools that I use often and I’d like to share them with you. Best Statistics tools SEOlytics SEOlyticsIf you haven’t tried SEOlytics yet it’s time that you do so. I use it all the time and I’ve even used it to research blog posts on this blog. SEOlytics will give you information on about 1.000.000 different keywords in the US (they track Germany, Austria and Sweden as well) and they’ll give you data on everyone in the results. As an added bonus you can also get peoples PPC-campaigns sorted and ready to download. Give it a try, they have a free trial.